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Hi, I'm Dini. 20 this year. An architecture students. I'm talking about something and nothing. Thank you.

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papapapapapa 8:42 PM Friday, April 26, 2013
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I was about to cry, that day
then I cry a lot
I shed my tears, with my bare hand 

I pray to Allah
asked the question

a question of mine,
was just spoken from my heart
papa just came,
follow me then
 soothed me

I'm so grateful
that Allah answer my question

the question of mine that hard to find.
Allah give me papa

the best papa in my version
not yours

 a papa
that always answer my question
even the answer just weird

I'm thankful to Allah
and grateful to have best papa

... 2:01 AM Friday, April 5, 2013
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akhirnya maret selesai, supersemarch 2013 nya juga selesai
abis acara ini kaki gue pegel abezzzz
yeee ga bakal ada rapat lagi <3 br="">


"Today, I decide that its true."