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Hi, I'm Dini. 20 this year. An architecture students. I'm talking about something and nothing. Thank you.

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miss here miss there. 11:28 PM Tuesday, December 25, 2012
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So my english is getting bad. Since english subject in college is not help me to find more vocabulary. But I'll keep to write this post with all of my deepest heart. You know I'm melancholies right?

Here I am. A collagen. Architecture student. Finding more trouble about drawing and something like draft work, falling love  to making model, admiring pak wir, eat rabbit satay, go to mount merapi, enjoying malioboro, sketching every week, finding the great concept, learning unbox, meeting new people, amazing lectures, miss my family, homesick, make friend and so on.

The time is already 02.00 am, when we're arrived. We're getting so fast to make model for that day, and the deadline on 08.00 am exactly. But, there is no trouble even it's just five hours to go. Because I have my friends beside me that still work and fighting each others. I miss that moment when we are gather together. Just five. Only five. 

Miss the moment when we are go traveling. Lunch together. Dinner together. Playing together. Fighting each other. Laugh together. That was the best moment for this four month, friends.

Aaah, I really miss my hometown, 
when we're not together again.
I wanna comeback to homey this time.
Right now.
It's weird, because of when we're together,
I probably, definitely, exactly doesn't feeling homesick.
But now?
Three girls, two boys. 
Ah, We're playing like there is no time.
We're just like elementary student when we are meet.
I miss all that moment so much. 
Don't you know?

When one is go. Is not complete at all. I hate this. Really hate this. 
Please comeback. For our everlasting friendship.

New years eve is has just to come. Five.

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2:00 AM Sunday, December 16, 2012
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Hello December be nice to me :)

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